For those of you wondering about how we as a community are responding to SESTA, be prepared for future announcements or follow me on Twitter (@SirenErnestine). Our main goal at the moment is to educate representatives, senators, and their staffers about the evils of this bill and a better way to proceed--help not harm. We are planning to occupy public space in DC over the summer in a loud and proud manner. 

All of these projects will require funding, especially to get as diverse as possible a crowd of SWs to DC in June. Please consider a donation to MASWAN (scroll down) as part of your support of me and my ability to continue to be simultaneously fabulous and safe.

For a good old cash present, please send via PayPal to

The shocking news is that lingerie is my catnip. Favorites:


For Love and Lemons






Alternatively, pick something yourself that you'd like me to wear to our next tryst or e-mail a gift card and let me surprise you!

My sizes: 34C or small on top, medium on bottom.


Other things I love



Candles that do not claim to smell like food



Through years of intense spoiling at the hands of my male companions, I have become rather choosy about wine.

I thoroughly prefer old-world appellations with floral or herbaceous qualities: usually French or Italian wines; pinot noir or other varietals that are light in body and delicate and nuanced in the mouth.

My FAVORITE wine is from Tenuta delle Terre Nere, an Etna Rosso (the grapes are grown straight in the lava, quite near to where my father was born). If you bring me this wine, you can pour then lick it off of whatever part of my body you deem suitable and I will adore you forever.

Etna rossi are my favorite wines (yes, I am a rather volcanic woman, by birth and by temperament), followed by Nero d'Avola; I also enjoy wines from the Loire (a strong preference for reds)

...and for the less pretentious among us, a European Pinot Noir is usually a safe bet. 

Sparkling whites or rosés I also adore. Champagne makes my world go round. Veuve Cliquot or Möet.

>>DO NOT show up with a California (or other) fruit bomb. I will pout.<<


The best gift of all:

A donation to  SWOP-USA, one of the only safety nets for our sister-/brother-otherhood. This is an extraordinary organization doing amazing  work. You can donate in person with cash or online via our ally offshoot, Massachusetts SW Ally Network. A little bit goes a long way.

The Massachusetts SW Ally Network (MASWAN), is an organization connecting SWs and allies in our area to do lobbying and community action work. Its website is  an awesome place to browse. You can read a news roundup of SW-related events in our state and the country as well as personal commentary on current events and news updates about what we're up to.

Planned Parenthood also keeps me healthy (and therefore keeps you healthy) and needs our help right now.  

Also currently and forever near and dear to me is the ACLU, which cannot get enough support right now. 

...and did I mention?... You're a sweetheart.